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Good app

Very sought out app I usually use it for my lock and home screen wallpaper but sometimes when want to set something as my home screen I cant fit in all the pictures in the one frame but its an overall good app


This is my favorite app to edit pictures on! Perfect for my work pictures!!

Great tool

It is a great app for editing your pics ??

Amazing amount of free features

Its the perfect collage app. There are so many filters and layouts and options and stickers that this is simply the best and only collage app you need. I use it all the time. I especially love that you can edit each photo individually. Also!! Please keep things (mostly) free!! I get that developers need to make money but the moment options become majority pay-to-use, I stop using the app (I know a lot of other pic apps that give you like 3 options and the next 20 are pay-to-use ugh!). If the app stayed this way forever, thered be no use of getting any other app bc this one is perfect. Thank you!


I love this app. More fun than any creatively inclined human should have. Spend hours in the evening creating and sending these to my grown kids. They love the collages!

Live collage


I LOVE it but...

I love everything about it but we have to pay REAL MONEY I wish everything was for free all the stickers and everything else ugh why cant they be free please one day do it

Abso tots luv

Love love love this app. Only thing I wish was that it had more clip art pics to add to ur pics but ❤❤❤❤ I love the app though 5 stars for sure!

I love it!❤

I love pic collage I can make the greatest collages and put them on instagram and get a ton of likes!! It is sediment because you can make the cutest pictures of a baby!! And trust me I have a lot of baby cousins! Go follow me on music.lly @Maggles333 and I have a public account!!

Instagram instagreat

I like that you can post fun photos & VIDEOS. I just wish it would let you save photos and zoom in on photos. It now lets you zoom and save. Wonderful app. Just keeps getting better all the time!!! ???

New User

As a new user I am having a ton of fun creating colorful collages with my personal pictures!!


Only missing feature is sequential video play

Lots of apps out there...liking this one!

Lots of options and ways to make it your own creation!


ist wirklich sehr einfach zu bedienen

I love it

Bec no watermarks!

Its amazing

Warm hug for you all.

Easy to make collages

Easy to make great looking collages to share through text or social media.


Love this app ❤❤❤

Found it

Was looking for a collage maker that was easy to use and could add multiple pictures. This was it for me

Love it!

So fun! Love the filters too!!

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